A Professional Development Program Sponsored by The Oaks Academy

Designed to inspire, inform and connect school leaders so that their schools flourish

Designed to inspire, inform and equip early childhood directors so that their centers flourish

Teacher Renewal


Designed to inspire, inform and renew teachers so that their students flourish

Sponsored By The Oaks Academy

The Indiana Educator Fellowships (IEF) is a portfolio of three external facing professional development programs led by Indianapolis-based school network, The Oaks Academy. The IEF portfolio includes the School Leader Fellowship (SLF), the Early Education Director Fellowship (EEDF), and newly added Teacher Renewal Fellowship (TRF). All three programs aim to inform and inspire educators so that their schools, centers and students flourish. IEF is anchored also by its parallel goals of renewal, collaboration and connection. We believe that we are in this important work of educating, knowing, and loving students together.