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A portfolio of three external facing professional development programs, the Indiana Educator Fellowships are led by Indianapolis-based school network, The Oaks Academy, and leadership consulting firm, Open Pivot. In partnership with Ed Choice, the School Leader Fellowship (SLF) launched in 2017 as the first arm of IEF. Rooted in the belief that the concept of “our students” transcends the confines of our own hallways, classrooms, and school walls, SLF earnestly assumed a mission of informing, inspiring, and connecting educators so that their schools flourish.

Four years later, Early Learning Indiana extended the opportunity to add a second arm to IEF designed with the directors of Early Education centers in mind: the Early Education Director Fellowship (EEDF). While SLF has assumed a national reach and virtual format, EEDF welcomed in-person 12 directors from Central Indiana in 2021 and 14 more in 2022.

Also in 2022, we launched a third arm to IEF, the Teacher Renewal Fellowship (TRF). Assuming a hybrid-approach, TRF gathered teachers, in-person and virtually, from SLF alumni schools to share lessons in the importance of atmosphere, student engagement, relationship formation, and intrinsic motivation. TRF is designed to afford teachers an experience aimed at refreshing and renewing their love and passion for their profession.

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Katie Taylor is the Director of the Indiana Educator Fellowships (IEF).  She has worked with IEF for the past 4 years and has offered support to The Oaks Academy Advancement team for the past 8. Katie is a United States Air Force veteran and former pilot, with a cumulative 22 years active duty and reserve service, including 15 years as an admissions liaison officer to the United State Air Force Academy.

Katie volunteers with several Indianapolis schools and nonprofits. She has a Bachelor of Science in General Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy and a Master of Arts in Philanthropic Studies from Indiana University. Katie is inspired by The Oaks Academy’s commitment to ‘knowing and loving’ its students and celebrates discovering how to extend the same care to all who walk through the doors of The Oaks.

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