Designed to inspire, inform and equip early childhood directors so that their centers flourish

Where do directors go for support?

The Early Education Director Fellowship is one place.

During the 2023-24 school year, The Oaks Academy, in partnership with Early Learning Indiana, is continuing the evolution of its Early Education Director Fellowship (EEDF) initiative by offering a series of workshops with a focus on building kindergarten readiness. 

Participating early education directors, teachers, and organizational leaders are invited to collaborate around practically-focused content with concurrent opportunities to strengthen their relationships with similarly-situated early childhood educators. The Workshops are open to all Indiana early childhood educators. 

Please contact Katie Taylor, Director of the Indiana Educator Fellowships, if you wish to receive information about upcoming Workshops.

Opportunities for Early Education Directors

Discover a Principled Approach to Early Education

Observe a Principled Approach in Action

Understand How to Maintain a Whole-Child Philosophy

Reflect on best practices with peers and field experts

Learn to Create a Relationship Centered Atmosphere

Create lasting connections with other Early Ed Directors

Interested in joining us for a Collaborative Workshop?