Reflections From Fellows
Fellow Profile

Heba Elshakmak

MTI School of Knowledge, Principal

SLF Class II

What led you to education?

I believe my passion about helping others is what brought me to teaching. Education was highly esteemed in my family and in the country where I was raised. So, when I decided to switch to education, my husband, my parents, and all my family supported me.

What do you enjoy about being an educator?

Having the opportunity to serve students, staff, parents, and the larger Muslim community is my real joy. There’s a quote from Prophet Mohammad PBUH about serving others. He says, “The most beloved people to Allah are those who are most beneficial to people”. I pray that we are among those people.

How would you describe your leadership style?

I like to lead by example and build a culture of respect and trust. I believe in giving employees autonomy and inspiring their confidence.

My leadership style enhances employee empowerment through a transformational leadership style, driven by a shared vision and supported culture.

What did you appreciate most about the fellowship?

Providing us with the support we need to succeed as individuals and school leaders. I appreciate the personal connection even after finishing the program. I appreciate sharing the story and journey of the Oaks success and giving us access to many resources for our school’s success.

I appreciate reflection and issue processing practices which I continue to use with our team.

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